Auður inez sellgren
Product designer
+354 691 6337

My name is Auður Inez Sellgren. I graduated from product design student in Icelandic Academy of the Arts. I grew up in Reykjavík, Iceland. Before I started the school I was went to the University of Iceland and studied folklore for one year. My interest in ways of living and societies ideals and understanding why we live the way we do is what got me there. But I realized I could explore my field of interest in a different way. From there on I went on the Visual School of Art for one year pre studies of art and design. There I graduated 2012 and went in to product design.

In my studies I find that I work find the research part most interesting. Understanding why things or ideals are the way they are, how we have shaped our reality and how we can do it in a different way.