Hið íslenzka epli 

Half of the world’s apples are produced in China. Most of this production is transported over great distances. Hið íslenzka epli is made of locally sourced materials and has the same nutritional value as a classic apple.

Present food systems use a lot of energy for transportation and storage. Future forecasts of population and limitations of energy sources show that the currents system will not meet the demands of the society of the future. Therefore it is important to take action and stimulate local production. In that way food security is increased and ecological footprint of individuals and societies is decreased.

Hið íslenzka epli is a substitute for the imported apple. The recipe is based on the nutritional value of one apple and the object gets its shape from the archetypal apple. The ingredients are all available in Iceland. The nutritional value of an apple becomes a system of recipes and the outcome is a new kind of an apple, which is an hybrid of reality and future vision. 


Garðar Eyjólfsson, programme director of product design department
Thomas Pausz, design tutor

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